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Anchors is a nonprofit corporation, which was registered with the IRS in 1991 (name changed in 1994 and 2002). It is not tax exempt. Presently, there are no paid employees.  While it is not tax exempt, when profits result, monies are given to groups serving ANimals, CHildren OR Seniors. Year-end profits will be awarded to groups selected by the membership.Anchors Network neither endorses nor is responsible for the outcomes of individual , group, company or information referrals/recommendations made. However, if a positive or negative experience results we want to know. We aim to educate, motivate and inform We offer experts in a wide range of topics for online assistance, support groups, speakers bureau, books and other products produced by members and member groups. We offer fee and free solutions. Membership Our nonprofit group accepts members who are interested in supporting our mission; providing a service (board discretion); or offering services as a speaker on a wide variety of topics. Those on our list are carefully screened. 

We are hoping to expand our budget from the BUY, SELL and Trade page, to offer this site banner and ad-free in the future. 

Give your time, talent or treasure and the BOOKS ARE BALANCED. Follow your heart in this area. We will not ask you specifically, not aggressive solicit, but we MAY post periodic needs we have.

Terry Engle, for consulting and encouragement

George Surowy, MSW, for his support at the corporation's inception

THANK you for YOUR support

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