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 Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) 


A Frazzled Mind, a WEAKENED BODY Fight or flight is a built in response to danger. Our body has stress-related hormones, which are not ideal for circulation on an extended basis. Meditation, prayer, exercise, relaxation techniques are valuable methods of shifting these body dynamics. To learn more about this, contact Michael Lemonick or TIME, 1-20-03

According to Psychologist Alice Domar, stress or a lack of self-nuturing can manifest itself through over/undereating, gastrointestinal problems; back pain,headache, fatigue, insomina, depression, etc. She says not to feel guilty doing self-nuturing activities as soaking in the bath, reading, writing or just watching TV. To read more from her see Country Living, Healthy Living, Jan/Feb 2000

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